Are you a woman aged over 35?

Are you interested in helping find out how women feel about their online lives?

Then we want to hear from you!

This website has been set up to recruit to a study at the University of Hull to discover what relationship exists between women’s online life and their sexual identity.

In other words we want to talk to women to find out the role the internet plays in how they feel as a sexual person.

What you do online is part of the study but not the main interest. All that matters is that you actively use the internet on a regular basis.

It could be that you have been curious about things you’ve seen online or indeed have been terrified to even look! Whatever the case we would really appreciate talking to you about it.


Because women our age grew up offline and now as adults navigate an increasingly online world. Until now much of the research conducted regarding women sexual identity and the internet has focused on the experiences of college age women and so research with adult women is thin on the ground.

Please help us give women of the first generation of the internet a voice within research.

To find out more click on the study information page.