Who is conducting the research?


My name is Sheena and I’ve worked with people all my adult life. I’ve worked in a wide variety of settings in my career including schools, homeless hostels, banks, consulting companies, colleges, rehabilitation units, prisons and my work has mostly been supporting people with some of the more difficult aspects of their lives.

I set up this study as I am really interested to explore whether, and how, our online lives contribute to the ways we see ourselves. To do this I am talking to adult women about their unique online lives which began after their offline adolescence. In so doing I want to know how you feel about privacy, dignity and sexual expression in this increasingly public world.

My background is in social care and training primarily in relation to drugs, alcohol, and sexual health.

In 2014 I was looking for a new challenge and successfully applied for a PhD scholarship at the University of Hull.

Based within the Faculty of Health and Social Care, I am supervised by the Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health Mark Hayter and Midwifery Lecturer Dr Angela Poat. We hope as a team to ensure that your contact with the study as a positive an experience as possible.

So please do get in touch using the following link or go to the contact us page for more details. I really look forward to meeting you.

Sheena MacRae (postgraduate student researcher)